Monday, August 10, 2009

89 The Brainchild

ACMM sits down with associated artist "89 The Brainchild". Hope you brought your notebooks, because class is in session.

ACMM: So tell us a little bit about "89 The Brainchild". Where You From?

89er: Rahway, NJ Born And Raised. "Spanktown" is actually the original name of this town. You can find that on old school jerseys and sports shirts. But Rahway is known as "Prison City" to some.

ACMM: (Laughs) So your definitely an intelligent artist

89er: I like to think so, but i dont try to force a whole bunch of philosophy and preach to listeners.

ACMM: I can respect that. So how did you get into music?

89er: I did music throughout my youth singing in the school chorus just to get out of class. But I think I wanted to pursue it as a career after watching "Purple Rain". (laughs) It's my favorite music movie and a top 10 movie in my book. It changed my life. (laughs)

ACMM: (laughs) We all like Prince, some guys just don't admit it.

89er: Yeah man, it was a crazy experience seeing that movie as a kid! He's a great showman though. Hands Down, one of the best performers in music.

ACMM: Does it affect the way you perform at shows?

89er: Somewhat. Im not running around in heels, ruffles, and that stuff while jumping off speakers. But that energy is still there in my performance.

ACMM: So can we expect to see that energy at your upcoming show?

89er: Oh yeah! I have a set in Montclair, NJ at The Meatlocker (8 Park Street) on the 21st of August. There's a great team of performers ranging from rock bands to electro DJ's. We gonna take them on a musical journey through Hip Hop. There are a wide variety of sounds in my set. My people "Finesse The KhanArtist" and Vas are gonna be on deck. It's gonna be a blast.

ACMM: Yeah we recently interviewed The KhanArtist! and besides Prince, who else can you say inspires you?

89er: Lupe has excellent narrative, his stories are so vivid bro! I ride with everyone from MURS,'Ye (Kanye West), Gorillaz, Sean Price, Gnarles Barkley... I can go on for days man. And I'm surrounded by talent in my own circle as well.

ACMM: Of all the rappers you named, Sean Price is probably the only "normal rapper". Everyone else on your list is known for having a "different sound". Can you say the same for your music?

89er: I try not to get too comfortable in one particular style. Some people try so hard to be different it comes off as a gimmick or as cheesy. I'm not coming with this "Look at my Mohawk, I'M WEIRD!" If you find me weird, my hair wont be the reason. A man cant stay one way forever. I may talk about how I love certain aspects of my life and 2-3 songs later I may just be the most angry cat. You gotta be multi-dimensional.

ACMM: A lot of artists fall flat in this game because of their comfort zone. What can you say about the previously mentioned talent in your circle?

89er: I think we're all individuals first. It's not like I forced my "Weed Carrier" to get behind a mic. (laughs) Khan and I knew each other for quite some time before we even started collaborating. Everybody in my corner was on the same path their on, so with or without me, they were all capable of standing on their own two feet and accomplishing their goals musically.There ain't no "Bandwagon get behind me, and I'll lead y'all". You gotta be a whole first before you break it down and be part of a unit. We all got a different side of the story to tell.

ACMM: Wow, thats some real sh*t...

89er: Khan ain't telling my story and I ain't telling his, and so on and so forth. If Khan wants to rap about something that I may not get, I'm not gonna muzzle him because I don't feel it. I expect the same from Khan, Vas, and the rest of my people.

ACMM: Do you have any mixtapes currently available? Should we be expecting any new work on the way?

89er: As of now I made appearance on KhanArtist's "Flashy Lights" joint featuring the homie Sebas. Future Sound got two mixtapes I'm on. Pretty much just guest verses. As of now though, "The Trill Cosby EP" is on the way, it's my first solo outing.

ACMM: Any words of advice to the upcoming artists in the game?

89er: Stay true to yourself simple and plain. If you wanna pursue this as a career just be ready for the ups-and-downs that come with it. I rocked shows overseas with a demo tape... came home and I didn't have a show for a year and some change.That type of shit will kill a man's spirit going back to that 9-to-5 you hate. You gotta really have a passion for the art form and keep on your grind. Networking is essential, humble yourself because you never know who can extend that helping hand. Get some business smarts too because that hood talk dont get far in a room with these business suits. You need a strong team behind you and brand yourself.

ACMM: Definitely some helpful tips for the young bucks even considering coming up in the shark tank we call the music business.

89er: Yeah man I try to share as much as i can.

ACMM: 89 it was a pleasure interviewing you. Thanks for supporting the movement, good luck on your future endeavors, we'll be right behind you.

89er: Thank you All City Music Movement, can I do the shout out thing?

ACMM: (Laughs) Yeah go ahead...

89er: Shout Out to Formatic Clothing, The Selectah Ezrakh, Finesse The KhanArtist, Vas, Mark II, Mac Tha Knife, Wordspit, and RavenHood....
and my producers The Generals and $1 Bin....... THE WHOLE JERSEY SCENE!!! Future Sound and his "Goodnight World" mixtape which is out now! I'm on that shit, check it out! All these talented individuals got projects in the future so get at them! (If You Want To Talk Directly)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finesse The KhanArtist

Today ACMM hooked up with our associated artist "Finesse The KhanArtist." Every Con-Artist's weapon is his mind, this KhanArtist is no different.

ACMM: So Khan hit us with some background info. Where You From?

Khan: I rep North Edison aka the P.C.(not prision city) Pottaz Crossin where I grew up. The G-State Garden State aka Nu Jeru

ACMM: Jersey's In The House!!! (laughs) So how did you get into music?

Khan: A lil bit of info on me....I been at this whole deally deal since I was 8; heard my cousin Antwon spit when I was 6. That's how I got into it. Sadly I can't freestyle...but thats my only flaw.... I'm still a monsta in my own right.

ACMM:So music is in the family?

Khan: My father used to rap but never blew up with it. I have an older brother who spits also.....he goes by the name of "Chase Dolla"(PHANTOM BOYZ!!!)

ACMM: Are There Any Particular Artists You Associate Yourself With?

Khan: My Axis the Toxik Kru of Nu Jeru....The illest group of MCs out the cancer state.....hence the name "TOXIK" A few of the members are... T3nk, Young Jay, B-Nix, Grizz MC, Wulfei, Kelz and Me of course. I bang with 89 The Brainchild and Sebas, I've worked with them more than any artists i know.

ACMM: In Terms Of Music, What Do You Bring To The Table That Others Don't?

Khan: I Say What I Want When I Want, Im Not Scared To Put Out A Song The Majority May Not Ride With.

ACMM: Any Underground Favorites?

Khan: Blu, MF DOOM, and Tame One are my major underground favorites.

ACMM: You Recently Released A MixTape With "Young A", How Do You Feel About The Final Outcome Of The Mixtape?

Khan: I'm Not As Satisfied As I Would've Liked It To Be.

ACMM: Any Reason Behind This?

Khan: It was rushed, too much sh*t got in the way that me and Twan (Young A) didn't wanna wait anymore. So we just pushed it out. We were missing SIX tracks.

ACMM: Any Words Of Advice To Any Upcoming Artists In The Game?

Khan: My advice is Fuck What Everyone Else Thinks
. People will appreciate good sh*t when they hear it. Don't be afraid try new things...

ACMM: Tell Us About Your Next Show...

Khan: August 21st at "The Meat Locker" (8 Park Ave) In Montclair, NJ. Doors Open At 8pm. $8 - $12 Donations. Live Bands and DJ's. Come out and support Finesse The KhanArtist and 89 The Brainchild!!!

ACMM: Should we be expecting any upcoming projects from The KhanArtist?

Khan: "The KhanDumb W(rapper)" is my next album. Its a Follow-up to my previous album "Blackest Days, Brightest Nights". The BDBN LP was more real, poetic, deep, and somber. The New LP will be more upbeat, funny, sexy, poetic, and deep at the same time.

The KhanDumb W(rapper) LP

: Any Final Words For Our Readers?

Khan: The Rza said that there is strength in numbers....well get ready world. Ayo I'm up for suggestions on collabos.... Always lookin for new talent. hit me up if you wanna iight?

Thanks for supporting The All City Music Movement

Khan: Thanks for having me and supporting my music.

Myspace: Twitter:

NewSense EP:

Blackest Days, Brightest Nights LP:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

All City Music Movement Supports FRISKO Clothing

Finesse The KhanArtist Told Me About A Clothing Line Designed By His Brother. Its Called FRISKO : Free Radicals Inventing Something Kool & Original

When I Checked it Out, I Was Amazed By The Clothes I Saw. Though FRISKO Is Still Developing As A Company, I Was Surprised To See How Well The Simple Designs And Funky FRISKO Colors Matched My Jordans. Im Not Talkin' Team Jordans or True Flight Jordans, Im Talkin' Aqua 8's, Grape V's, and Olive V's. Then I Noticed That They Had A Line For Women Too!!! So My Shorty Finally Can Wear Something To Match Her Concord 8's. Our Fellow Affiliate "Supreme HSD" Is A Graffiti Artist That Loves Color, And Is Known In His Part Of Brooklyn For Being The Most Up-To-Date On Fashion. He Too Likes The Simple Yet Colorful Designs FRISKO Has To Offer. Its New And Its Fly, Its The FRISKO Flu!

FRISKO : Free Radicals Inventing Something Kool & Original

The Homie Finesse The KhanArtist Rocking The Original FRISKO Tee

The FRISKO Shades


This FRISKO Sweater Would Go Perfect With Air Jordan Grape V's
(If You A Sneaker Head, You Know No Collection is Complete Without Grape V's)

The FRISKO Flu Is In Town


.........ALL CITY MUSIC MOVEMENT.........

Mission: The All City Music Movement (ACMM for short) starts today! In hopes of promoting unsigned artists, DJ's, Dance Crews, and Street Artists, every 3 days a new Part Of NYC or NJ will be tagged with names of the underground recording artists we support. Our journeys will be Documented and posted on this blog.

Methods: We utilize Dance Crews, Graffiti Artists, Recording Artists, and DJ's to stay true to the 4 pillars of hip hop while using free promotion to support fellow entertainers. We also Work with clothing companies as a way to support underground styles and promoting our artists and affiliated designers.

Examples: An up and coming dance crew (with real talent), who has an affiliation with The All City Music Movement, will perform at shows DJ'ed by an affiliated Disk Jockey. The DJ can play songs of recording artist affiliated with ACMM. The whole show is previously advertised by Graffiti artists who tag and promote the event with spray paint and flyers. During the event, the Clothing designer drapes the entertainers up in his clothes and sells his product at the function. Its a sense of self support and a real "love-thy-neighbor" attitude. The Graffiti artist can build a rep and a stable network of clients that could use his/her artistic talents. The Recording Artists and DJ's can sell CD's and promote his/herself alongside the Dance Team for upcoming shows and parties.

Membership: To Be Affiliated All You Need Is Raw Talent, a hunger to succeed and to help the people around you succeed. If you are whack, no go on the membership.

Affiliated Recording Artists:
Finesse the KhanArtist
Grizz MC
Nightmare The BillionDolla Bapestar
Scandal The Child aka $TC

Affiliated DJ's:
DJ Bass Sick
DJ TechKno

Affiliated Graffiti Artists:
Supreme HSD
2oon HSD
Boom! HSD

Affiliated Dance Crews: (None Currently Affiliated)

Affiliated Clothing Companies: Frisko Clothing

We are currently located in New Jersey and New York.
We have prospects in Philadelphia and in North Carolina. But we are looking to expand past the East Coast.